BMW's way of integrating screens of different sizes strikes me as one of the better approaches to this form of interior ennui. To me, the worst offender is by far the Don't mind me, I am just sittin' here to remind you of your iPad direction Mercedes have taken lately. Mazda deeming this worth copying is a bit sad,… » 4/17/14 3:07pm Thursday 3:07pm

ADabOfOppo expressed it pretty well, e.g. I also think the U.S. need something along the lines of the UK MOT or Germany's TÜV/HU as a means to ensure vehicle safety within certain parameters. If people can drive cars barely held together ... well, that's a problem. » 4/17/14 11:10am Thursday 11:10am

It's a hard car to find in really great condition ... that's just from my experience, though, and there are a lot of them around. One thing the ZZW30 lacked was good-looking wheels, and many of them still rock the factory kit. Wheels will completely change the look of this car, and with the Competition bits (no idea… » 4/06/14 11:17am 4/06/14 11:17am